Travel Sister is a boutique travel company dedicated to creating and fostering a community of like-souled friends who seek to explore and experience the world together. Founded by women for women, Travel Sister designs and leads exclusive small group escapades to some of the world’s most intriguing locations.


Each distinct and whimsical tour includes guided forays into local art and culture, fashion, and cuisine showcasing one of these elements as a pinnacle theme. Travelers will come with open minds and leave with full hearts, clear heads, and big smiles.



Travel Sister curates luxury larks for spirited women. Larks — whether in the meadow or in the sky — represent free spirits, melodious song, and taking wing for new horizons.


Traveling alone, especially for women, can feel incredibly freeing but also a bit intimidating. At our heart, we want to offer you a happy balance of feeling independent, adventurous, safe, and connected.


Enjoy a sense of purpose and solidarity as you travel together through some of the world’s most spectacular locales. With packed itineraries full of hand-picked, extraordinary experiences, you’ll have just enough down-time between excursions to recharge and get ready for the next round of excitement.


Dine in chic restaurants, meet local tastemakers, indulge in some pampering, immerse yourself in rich culture, and share these fantastic moments with a small group of women who share your curiosity, kindness, and open mind.


If you seek wonder, connection, and time for some serious self-care — and have just enough irreverence to get into some low-brow high-jinks — join us.

Travel is a joy. Where will you find yours?  


Travel Sister founder Carmel Scopelliti knows good times and good people. Hailing from Chicago and living (and we mean living) in Colorado, Carmel’s built a decades-long career connecting people with causes and culture — as a fundraiser, events manager, publicist, and most recently as Founder and President of Impresario Strategies, a Denver-based arts PR firm.


A globe-trotter, trend-spotter, and natural bon vivant, Carmel is a gathering force of ideas, happenings, and changemakers. That’s why she founded Travel Sister: to introduce women to the fabulous places she’s discovered all over the world, and to introduce fabulous women to each other.

“Travel can change our perspectives, our expectations, our lives.

What transforms a trip into a journey — and, really, transforms us —

is sharing these experiences with the beautiful

kindred souls we find along our path.”

- Carmel Scopelitti


Where would we all be without people who believed in us?  Here are some of our partners who have shown us incredible generosity as we created this dream.

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