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Travel Sister Takes Flight

On a sunny mid-January afternoon, dozens of women grabbed their girlfriends and headed out to Eve on Larimer Square to see what all the buzz was about. Travel Sister, Denver’s hottest new concept in women’s travel, was hosting their first Pre-Board Pop-Up Party called Fashion on the Fly to unveil the company’s 2019 tour line-up and to showcase what is new and now in travel fashion for Spring and Summer.

Glasses of bubbly in hand, guests heard Eve owner and master stylist, Sabine Rocho, dish about the latest fashion trends while pulling together chic, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant ensembles from Porto, Elana Katan, and Hobo that could easily take the fashion savvy traveller from a day at the Louvre to a night dancing on the Seine.

Travel Sister founder, Carmel Scopelliti, then explained what Travel Sister is all about:

“Travel Sister is a boutique travel company that offers personally escorted, small-group travel tours for discerning women. We are interested in delivering world class travel with more interesting, more intimate and more diverse itineraries that can only be achieved in a small-group setting. Our mission is to create a community of like-souled friends who connect and transform their lives through immersive, authentic travel experiences. We believe travel is essential to personal growth, the development of new skills and passions, and inspires us to see the world through “new eyes”

Travelers from the company’s inaugural Paris A La Mode fashion trip in October 2018 were present and gushed over their memories. Highlighting the deep camaraderie and fun, out-of the norm activities,from dashing around Paris in vintage Citroens to front row seats at John Paul Gauthier’s, newly opened, “ Fashion Freak Show”, each participant expressed the joy and ease of having every detail planned to a “t” and the fascinating spectrum of events that delivered exceptional value. Eyes lit up as Travel Sisters, recounted the professional photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, cooking cheese souffles alongside a gracious home chef in her stunning Haussmann designed apartment, the private tour of the Yves St. Laurent Museum, the raucous welcome dinner at a neighborhood brasserie, and, of course, the shopping!

Travel Sister has six extraordinary tours planned for 2019:

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Best City in the World | April 22-26

Northern Italy - Piedmont Lake Como Milan | La Dolce Vita | September 17-25

Trip extension to Venice Sept 25-28

Paris | Paris A La Mode | October 1-7

Paris | Bohemian Rhapsody | October 1-7

South Beach Miami | Art Fair Fever | December 3-7

In addition to the tour offerings Travel Sister also provides customized itineraries, detailed trip design and destination event services for individuals or groups seeking meticulously planned, out-of-the-norm, next-level journeys.

Want to find out how you and your girlfriends can be a part of a fun adventure? Join Travel Sister for a tour or attend a Pop-Up Party and get ready to board a tailored travel experience!

Be part of a vivacious group and make fabulous new soulful friends or grab your own crew and have a custom experience designed just for you.


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