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Magical San Miguel

San Miguel de Allende, the colorful Spanish colonial town turned art mecca and gastronomic nirvana was named by Travel + Leisure “The Best City in the World 2017”. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city - known for its distinctive architecture, culinary mastery, rich culture, and a sultry under-the-radar vibe - exudes the true essence of historic Mexico. San Miguel de Allende is a city for all senses and considered one of the safest places in the country.

Sample gorditas, tequila, and stuffed chilis at one of the area’s 350 restaurants and markets, then walk them off within the 68 bright, flower-laden blocks of the historic city center. San Miguel is bursting with head-turning artisanal boutiques and kitschy museums and has long been a haunt for artists and lovers of design alike. A special place where the traditional and modern intersect, SMA boasts breathtaking historic architecture, a vibrant nightlife, frequent regional festivals, and some of the best boutique luxury hotels in the world.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is the perfect spring getaway for travelers with an eye for beauty and an ear for the sweet sound of a beckoning adventure. Travel Sister will visit San Miguel de Allende April 22-26. See to feast your eyes on our incredible itinerary!


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