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Travel Trends for 2019

Whether it’s low-cost airlines expanding to more destinations or the Instagram effect, one thing is certain- travel is poised to boom in 2019 and topping the list of trends is the tailored experience. This year will be all about making the traveler’s journey more authentic, more personal, and more meaningful.

From a three-month nomadic family sabbatical to Bali to an adventure trek through Sri Lanka for couples, today’s traveler is looking to experience the unconventional and seeking unique concept itineraries curated by those in-the-know. Whether it’s an underwater hotel where you can study marine life, or a farm-stay in Italy where you can learn wine making, bucket lists are becoming more specific and more goal oriented fueling the growth of boutique travel companies, such as Travel Sister, who provide singular jaunts around the world.

Additionally, solo and female travelers are setting the industry on fire. Women account for 85% of all purchasing decisions in the US and 80% of all travel decisions. 75% of those who take cultural, adventure, or nature trips are women and women are more likely to travel solo than men. Some gutsy gals embark unaccompanied organizing everything themselves, while others, gravitate toward large established group tours. Others still, long to travel but have no one to go with them finding the idea of solo travel incredibly freeing yet also daunting. To them, independence and adventure as well as safety and connection would be ideal. Throw in a broad spectrum of elevated immersive activities, options to customize free time, and the ability to share these moments with a select group, and you have the idea behind Travel Sister – Luxury Larks for Spirited Women.

On a Travel Sister trip, you receive an exposure to place that is deeper, more irreverent, more personal, and at its core more meaningful. Travel Sister’s mission is to create once-in-a-lifetime adventures for like-minded women who want to feel inspired by new surroundings, genuinely connect with one another, and experience the freedom of independent travel with the security of exploring new places in a small group setting. To Travel Sister, age is irrelevant and generational boundaries blurred. If you are drawn to journeys of substance and have the energy and optimism for on-the-go deep dives, Travel Sister is for you.


Travel Sister is a boutique travel company that offers exclusive, personally escorted, small-group escapades for discerning women. Our mission is to create a community of like-souled friends who connect and transform their lives through immersive, authentic travel experiences. We believe travel is essential to personal growth, the development of new skills and passions, and inspires us to see the world through “new eyes”. In addition to female focused forays, Travel Sister is pleased to deliver customized itineraries, detailed trip curation and destination event services for individuals or groups seeking meticulously planned, out-of-the-norm, next-level journeys.

Travel Sister 2019 Tours

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | Best City in the World | April 22-26

Northern Italy - Piedmont Lake Como Milan | La Dolce Vita | September 17-25

Trip extension to Venice Sept 25-28

Paris | Paris A La Mode | October 1-7

Paris | Bohemian Rhapsody | October 1-7

South Beach Miami | Art Fair Fever | December 3-7


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